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September 2014 MDHS goes Cashless !!!!
Instructions on how to set up your account here      and Instructions here  on how to make a school purchase at https://halton.cashlessschools.com   
All students must have their photo taken for their student card ...Note: For bus students, your student card is your bus pass.  Effective October 1st, drivers will be asking students for their bus pass. (next photo day will be Thursday, November 27)
November 5, 2014: Grade 9 Take Our Kids to Work Day
November 6, 2014: First Day Sem. 1 Term 2
November12, 2014: Mid-term Reports given to students
November 21, 2014: P.A. Day
November 27, 2014: Photo Re-take Day
University & College Visits have been arranged by Guidance.   Fall 2014 Schedule here   

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