Marjean Szura


Welcome to the Mustang Curling Team!


Your teen has taken the initiative to represent Milton District High School as a member of the Curling Team. We consider extra-curricular activities to be a valuable contribution to the education and development of any student. Due to the costs involved with running these extra curricular activities, it is necessary to charge an athletic fee to all Milton student athletes. The fee helps to cover costs associated with tournaments, equipment, transportation, officials, league fees, coaches clothing, and the annual end of year athletic banquet.

The Athletic Fee for Milton is $90.00 for the year (this can allow participation on up to three teams (fall, winter & spring). This athletic fee covers the cost of league games, referees, some transportation, tournaments, equipment and the annual athletic banquet.

Additionally, there is a charge of $50.00 fee for the use of the Milton Curling Centre ice rental, transportation and the year end pizza party. Payments can be made via School Cash Online or a cheque payable to Milton District High School can be given to the coach.

The Schedule for the season is provide on the left.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the coach directly.