MD Express



Staff Advisors

Christa Talarowski

Katherine Compton-Morgan

Cherie Rudge

Monique Ford
Public Health Nurse
Healthy Families

Halton Region

Mindfulness Sessions
Starting Oct 18
Per. 4 weekly
The Active Room (109)
MD Express - Movement Dedicated to Expression

MD Express is a student group that focuses on building wellness.  The group is facilitated by staff and community advisors.  One of the adult advisors for this group is the Public Health Nurse who provides information and resources on wellness.

Goal:  The goal of the group is to improve student physical and mental wellness and knowledge, and to provide opportunities to MD students to engage in wellness activities and increase student connections.

Focus:  The primary focus of the group is to involve and engage students in healthy ways of expression to  deal with stress, mood and physical wellbeing.  Positive and supportive student connections and wellbeing are built through students' participation in these activities.  The group will provide opportunities for MD students to connect with others through expression using the arts including music, drama, art, dance and poetry/raps.  In addition, this group will offer other activities, as identified, to students to improve mental and physical wellness, for example, yoga, mindfulness, and movement/physical exercise.  The group will also provide MD students with information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle (including tips on eating, sleeping, physical activity, etc.) and how to access community resources.

Commitment:  The group meets at least twice per month, after school on Tuesdays for about one hour.  Students are involved during school hours/lunch breaks throughout the year to participate and host events in the school promoting wellness for all MD students.