Drama Council

Drama Council meets every Monday after school. Everyone is welcome. We will play some games and let you know about upcoming events and opportunities within drama at the school. 

The  members of the executive drama council are responsible for planning and organizing the shows and events at MDHS. They propose ideas for equipment to buy, events to run etc. and take on a real leadership role within the MDHS community. 

Meet your drama council:

President: Anna Mokina

Social Rep: Evie Bhasin & Iman Kamran

CMP Rep (Costumes, Makeup, Props): Maddy Wright

Technical Director: Maya Prashad

Publicity Rep: Faez Yousuf

Ticket Master/Concessions: Hiba Siddiqui

Follow us and contact us using our instagram: mdhs.drama

Interested in applying for the upcoming year? Stay tuned for application details and deadlines.