subText by Tyler Dwiggins

A comedy that features a variety of skits all interwoven together to explore the complexities and realities of relationships today. The characters experience miscommunications and misunderstandings due to the ambiguity of text messaging and social media.



CAMERON - Maddie Bowers

DANI - Anna Mokina
MIKE - Michael David Terlecki
ROSIE - Ally Akinci
POSIE - Ashley Bransfield
GIRL/JOSIE - Abeer Saalim

KYLE - Kurt Anand
IRIS - Toria Nicholls
ED - Eli Vodarek-Berman
AMELIA - Delaney Prangley
BRAD - Ally Akinci

JESSICA - Rhianna Sanders
DREW- Soham Sant

ERIN - Delaney Prangley
SAM - Sachi Ghalib
DUDLEY - Eli Vodarek-Berman
MABEL - Toria Nicholls
MRS. MITCHELL - Maddie Bowers

BRIDGET - Zainab Fatima

FAYE - Anna Mokina

BOY 1 - Kurt Anand

BOY 2 - Aspen Kelsh

EXTRAS: Iman Kamran and Evie Bhasin


Directors: Ms. Smith and Ms. Di Clemente

Stage Manager: Haiqa Aaqil

Lighting Designers: Travis Mont and Cameron Sabino

Lighting Operator: Travis Mont

Sound Designer and Operator: Sabrina Mateen

Projections Designer: Cameron Sabino

Projections Operator: Cameron Sabino

Spotlight Operator: Faez Yousuf and Ayrton Mercer

Backstage Crew: Cast

Props: Evie Bhasin, Iman Kamran, Ms. Smith

Costume Designer: Ms. Di Clemente

Set Design: Ms. Smith

Publicity: Evie Bhasin and the Drama Council

Special Thanks  to:

  • Mr. Jones and his construction students for building and repairing several set pieces.

  • Mr. Daviau and his students for designing and creating custom set pieces.

  • Mrs. MacIntyre and the MIB students for running concessions and ticket sales.

  • Mrs. Lamarre for being incredibly helpful with all of the administrative tasks associated with the production and making all the procedures involved so much easier.

  • Mrs. Welbourn for her encouragement and continuous support of the arts.

  • To the HDSB IT team for being a reliable and constant support.

  • To the MDHS custodial staff for their patience and their help with setting up the projector screen when the theatre projector died last minute.

Produced by Special Arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.