Q:  Is there adequate supervision?

A:  Definitely!  In addition to the many teachers and Camp Wanakita staff on site, each cabin has two or three Gr. 12 student leaders with the campers all the time.  These leaders are selected through an application process each spring and represent our responsible senior students.  These students have experienced WN when the were in Gr. 10 and receive training prior to the trip in September.  T

Q:  What if I am a non-swimmer?

A:  There are many great activities that do not involved the water.  The only activities that are not available to non-swimmers are canoeing, kayaking & swimming.  This is just a small sampling of the activities that our students participate in during their time at Camp Wanakita.  Students will still participate in clibming, archery, rope courses, sports, camp fires, talent show...the list goes on!

Q:  What are the bathrooms like?

A:  Camp Wanakita offers fully functioning bathroom facilities including toilets, sinks and showers with hot water for all of our campers.

Q:  What if I can't afford to go?

A:  We don't finances to be the reason that students don't participate in Wilderness North.  In situations where there is a financial need, funding may be available.  Please call the school and speak to the Principal if you would like to discuss financial options.

Q:  Where do I get the forms to fill out so I can attend?

A:  Forms were handed to all Gr. 10 students in the spring.  Should you need another set, please drop in the main office to pick up another set, or click this link