Packing List


Sleeping bag (extra blanket optional)
Shower towel
Bathing suit & towel 
Shower shoes
Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, shampoo, etc.)
Personal medication & prescriptions, if applicable
Warm jacket (evenings are chilly)
T-shirts, shorts
Jeans or long pants
Extra socks (for warmth & in the event it rains)
Appropriate footwear (running shoes, rubber boots, hiking boots (optional)
Raincoat or poncho
Flashlight/working batteries
Suitcase, duffel bag, hiking pack
Eyeglasses (if applicable)

Optional Items

Camera (in a ziplock bag)
Pen & notebook
Water bottle
Book for bus ride
Personal snacks (these should be in sealed containers so as not to attract wildlife into your cabins).  There may be students with severe nut allergies on this trip,  Do NOT bring snacks that have come into contact with nuts.

Items NOT Required:

Eating utensils
Pots, pans, plates, etc.
Alarm Clock

Please remember that should you bring your cell phone, students will be asked to keep it in a safe, dry location ion as Camp Wanakita and MDHS are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen articles.