The Special Education Department is designed to support students with their unique learning needs and to support staff in assisting identified students in their classroom. Students are supported throughout the year by Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) who provide strategies to be used in programming and in assisting student learning.

This support can come through:
  • the Learning Strategies (GLE) course;
  • access to assistive technology, including laptops (for word processing), Premier (text-to-voice) software, and Dragon Naturally Speaking (voice-to-text software);
  • homework support in the Resource Room (room 103) from the SERT or Educational Assistant (EA);
  • accommodations for tests and exams, including writing in an alternative location;
  • development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Students or parents should contact Ms. Sarah Cronin for more information about Special Education, or regarding specific student learning concerns.

Program Lead
  • Sarah Cronin
  • Davida Hardie 
  • Joanne Ennever-Bublic
  • Dallas Wilson
The Special Education Website
The Assistive Technology Website
Accessing Accomodations

  • Chantal Kotyk
  • Marg Zuccato