eLearning encompasses all learning opportunities and instructional strategies that incorporate electronica & internet-based resources.
Blended Learning is a part of many classrooms in Halton at all secondary schools.  It combines the more traditional classroom experience with a variety of internet-based resources and applications through the D2L (Desire to Learn) learning management system.

Fully online courses are available to students in both semesters and at summer school.  In the online course, students interact and learn with their teacher, classmates and electronic resources using any computer connected to the internet.  Online courses allow students the ability to:
  • earn the same credits in a different way
  • learn at a flexible time, place & pace
  • access engaging, unique courses unavailable in some secondary schools
Students are encouraged to evaluate their learning styles & learning skills when considering a course that is delivered online.  Guidance Counsellors and online teachers can assist students with an exploration of online learning opportunities within the HDSB.

For more information about eLearning visit www.elearning.hdsb.ca