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CashlessSchools Closeout


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School Cash Online is coming to the Halton Board

After June 25th, 2017 CashlessSchools will no longer be available to parents for online purchasing.  Families will receive information during the month of June on how to register for the new School Cash Online service.

There are two ways to deal with the balances in your CashlessSchools wallet between now and June 25th:

  1. Request a withdrawal of unused wallet funds to your CashlessSchools Pre-Authorized Debit account (shown online under Your Account > Saved Bank Accounts); or,
  2. Make a donation to your school through CashlessSchools for the amount of the funds in your wallet you do not wish to be refunded.  Look for the appropriate donations fee and make your donation before June 25th.  Upon request to the school, donations of $20 or more may be tax receipted.
  3. Parents will be able to request a cheque be issued with the balance of the funds in their wallet.  Parents are asked to fill out this form, and return it to the Board office (address included on form).
The refund process for parents who have Pre-Authorized Debit in CashlessSchools is simple.
  1. Under your Cashless Account, select the Withdraw button, and follow the instructions.
Instructions for How to Set Up Pre-Authorized Debit:
  1. Under your Cashless Account, select the Deposit button
  2. Click on the Add a Bank Account link
  3. Print the Authorization form.  Complete and attach a void cheque.
  4. Return the form to CashlessSchools via email, fax or mail (contact number on left sidebar)
  5. Wait for the email from CashlessSchools to confirm your account has been set up.  Please allow one week for set up due to increased volume.
On-Campus Wallet Balances (Cafeteria purchases):  Balances must be transferred to the main wallet account before funds can be withdrawn.

Who to Contact?  If you have any questions, please call 1-866-231-3322.