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PIC Link of the Week

PIC Link of the Week

Milton District School Council's Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) will be posting a website link here regularly.  These links will point parents, guardians and others to websites that may be of interest with respect to involvement in our students' school, community and home lives.

MD High School and its School Council do not endorse or imply support of any website or the information provided.  These are publicly accessible websites and are provided to our community as a way of sharing information.

To curfew or not to curfew?

The Lester B. Pearson High School website (Parent Resources tab) shares the following list of Mental Health Resources.  It was developed in conjunction with Halton Public Health and 
is meant to be used as a starting point. for conversation.

Ready, Set, Whoa!  Have a teen starting high school?  
These pages are designed to support your teen to thrive, not just survive, the transition.

From the Durham Region website:  
Resiliency is the ability to handle life's ups and downs in positive ways. 

What is a SHSM?  What are Pathways?

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) programs allow students to specialize their education around their chosen field of interest.  Each SHSM program includes a bundle of 8-10 Grade 11 and 12 courses related that that area of interest.  Through Pathways, students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities provided in elementary and secondary school to know themselves, identify strengths, set educational and career goals, and create a Pathways Plan to achieve them.  There are five equally valued Pathways that students may choose to pursue after secondary school:  Apprenticeship; College; Community; University; and Work.

Learn more at:    and

What is the best way for students to learn math? This fact sheet is produced by the Canadian Education Association and
the University of New Brunswick

The Halton District School Board's website states "A student's mental health can affect their school performance, attendance and achievement.  Positive mental health can impact learning, yet up to 20% or more of children and youth experience mental health problems at some point."  Resources, videos, and other information related to students' mental health topics may be found at: