Program Lead

Trish Cowburn

Co-op Teacher

Kevin Kokerus

Co-operative Education is a program designed for grade 11 and 12 students who are interested in exploring and experiencing a career path of their choice while earning two senior-level elective credits. This experiential learning opportunity allows students to essentially “test drive” a field of work while still in high school! The students must complete 220 hours, as well as Pre-Placement and Integration assignments in order to earn both credits. 

This form of experiential learning is invaluable in assisting all students who are bound for university, college, apprenticeship, or the workplace to make career decisions. Co-op also helps students develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are essential in today’s society. 

The co-op program is an excellent way to compliment all students’ academic experience and prepare for their future. 

Students in a SHSM that are interested in the summer internship co-op should check out the following link for details and registration: The program is designed for those in grade 11 & 12 that cannot take co-op during their regular school year because of SHSM requirements. If interested, please register before April 6.