TOJ4C - Child Development & Gerontology

Prerequisite - None 

Curriculum Document

Students will examine development from infancy to mature adult (elderly).  They will explore factors that contribute to health and wellbeing throughout the lifecycle and focus on various childhood and geriatric diseases.  Students will have an opportunity to further develop their personal care skills at Allandale Long-Term Care Centre in Milton.
  • Developmental Theories 
  • Childhood and Elderly Diseases
  • Nutrition and Dietary Needs
  • Mobility Issues and ambulatory aids
  • Social and cognitive needs
  • Childhood and Elderly Abuse
  • Death and Dying
  • Vaccinations
  • Safety Needs for children and the elderly

Students learn various health care skills that include:
  • Feeding, bathing, oral care, and dressing of children and the elderly
  • Vital Signs