Program Lead

Michael O'Brien

Teaching Staff

Lisa Middlebro

Katherine Parker
(on leave)

Marjean Szura

Matt Jones
 Outdoor Ed

The Healthy Active Living (HAL) Program offers courses focusing on Physical Activity & Health from Grades 9-12.  The goal of Ontario secondary schools is to support high-quality learning while giving individual students the opportunity to choose programs that suite their skills & interests.  Promoting the healthy development of all students, as well as enabling all students to reach their full potential, is a priority for our HAL team.  Students' health and well-being contribute to their ability to learn in a disciplines, including healthy and physical education, and that learning in turn contributes to their overall well-being.  The HAL curriculum engages students in learning about the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and helps students build skills to live healthy and active lives.

The offerings include team & co-operative sport games for grades 9-12 as well as two (2) different personal fitness based courses in Grades 11 & 12. At the senior level HAL offers Outdoor Education, Fitness Leadership & Exercise Science. 

For more information about our HAL program, please feel free to reach out to our team: