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Transcript Requests

The Ontario Student Transcript Request (OST) is the official record of a student’s academic achievement at the secondary school level in Ontario.  Transcripts are required for post-secondary institutions and for various other reasons. If the last high school attended was within the Halton District School Board and you need your student transcript, please follow the directions listed here.​

Obtaining transcripts for entry to Ontario colleges and Universities

You need to:

  • be a past student of the Halton District School Board
  • pay the transcript fee through the online application process
Note: you only need to request one transcript. Application centres will forward your transcript to your post-secondary choices.

Ordering transcripts 

Note: if you are still attending high school and are applying to an Ontario college or University transcript requests are not required.  The transcript will be forwarded to the Ontario College Application Centre  (OCAC) or the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC) for you by your school’s Guidance/Student Services area. 

Transcript fees

  • first two copies: $20.00
  • each additional copy: $5.00 (if ordered at same time)

Requesting transcripts for other reasons ​

  • request your transcript from the last HDSB secondary school you attended
  • complete and submit the Request for Transcript Form​ with the non-refundable transcript fee (cash or money order) back to school
  • Proof of identification is needed when picking up transcript 

Mailing in request 

Mail request for transcript form with the non-refundable transcript fee (cash or money order) and photocopied proof of ID directly to last HDSB school attended.