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Welcome to MD!

If you are brand new to our School Board and have determined that Milton is your home school, and you are entering Gr. 9, 10, 11 or 12, please click on the appropriate link below for specifics about what is required for September Start Up.

If you attended Milton last year and will be returning to us again this year, please click on the Returning to MD link below for further information about September Start Up.

If you completed Gr. 8 in June 2018 and you attended a Halton District School Board elementary school , you need not do anything to register.  We are pleased you will be joining us in September!  Click on the Incoming Gr. 9 from HDSB school for September Start Up info.

                   New to HDSB?                                 Returning student to MD 
                                         Incoming Gr. 9 from HDSB school