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Grade 9

If you are a student who attended one of our feeder schools last year, and you will be starting with us in September 2017, you need not fill out any registration documentation as the feeder school will transfer all of that to us prior to September.  

We do ask that you verify your contact information and indicate any medical concerns that the school should know about on the Verification form that will be provided to you before the end of June.  

If you are unable to provide Milton with this info before the summer months, please bring all of the signed documents to the Registration Days on August 29 & 30, 2017.

At Registration Days on August 29 & 30, all students will have their photo taken for their student card (cards will be provided on those days). Every student at MD needs a student card! Library book sign out, access to the On Campus Wallet for Cafeteria purchases and the student card will be required for Halton Student Transportation bussing.