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New to HDSB

In order to attend Milton District High School, students must live in the MDHS catchment area.  To find out which school is your home school, please visit the HDSB website at - Choose find a School.  Enter your house number and street name, and also the type of program (English, French Immersion, etc.) and select SEARCH.

If you are a new student to the Halton District School Board and you have confirmed that Milton is your home school, please book an appointment to register by calling Student Services at (905) 878-2839 ext. 229.

Required Documentation
Parents must provide ALL of the following documents when registering their teen for school:
  • Completed HDSB Registration Form
  • Student's Transcript or credit summary if coming from another high school; Gr. 8 report card, if coming from an elementary school
  • Proof of address - Original of any two of the following documents:
    • Lease or deed
    • Car Registration
    • Utility Bill
    • Property Tax Bill
    • Bank Statement
    • Credit Card Statement
    • Correspondence from a government agency
  • Proof of student's age
    • Original birth certificate
    • Passport
    • Baptismal/faith document
  • Proof of student's citizenship
    • Original Canadian birth certificate
    • Canadian passpoprt
    • permanent resident card
    • Record of Landing (IMM1000)
  • Immunization record or Religious Exemption Form
  • Proof of Custody or Guardianship.  If you are NOT the parent and the child is under 18, you must provide proof of legal guardianship (Court Order from an Ontario Family Court)

Student personal information is collected during registration and while attending school, pursuant to the Education Act.  This personal information will be used for planning and programming, school to home communications, and to establish the Ontario Student Record, which contains information conducive to the improvement of instruction.

Questions about the personal information collected during registration and while attending school should be directed to Tim Sadai, Managing Information for Student Achievement (MISA) Leader for the Halton District School Board, or through your local Superintendent of Education.

The following HDSB documentation is also required at the time of registration.  Please download and complete these school forms and bring with you to your scheduled registration appointment with Student Services: