School Email & Board Contacts

The front office staff are your primary source of information, and the first people you will meet as you visit the school. We are happy to help you!


Ms Rasa Baksys, Principal

Mr. Jeff Carey, Vice Principal

Mr. Andreas Rehm Vice Principal

Office Staff

Mrs. Sue Lamarre, Supervisor - School Business

Mrs. Michelle Jackson, Senior Admin Office Assistant

Mrs. Michelle Keenie, Admin Office Assistant

Mrs. Valerie Pope, Admin Office Assistant

Mrs. Barb Dellaire, Attendance & Reception

Mrs. Nadine Brady, Student Services


Mrs. Elizabeth Carson, Teacher Librarian

Ms Toni Burton, Library Technician

Custodial Staff

Mr. Robert Bryant, Head Custodian (daytime)

Mrs. Yvonne Leqatikoitoga (evening)

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