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Joining one of the MD clubs is a great way to meet other students with similar interests, do something you enjoy and learn more about something you have a keen interest in, plus you will gain leadership experience.

Milton offers many teams and clubs for students to explore their interests - whether its Athletics (we have lots of sports teams and the CrossFit Club), or the Arts (music & drama); a hobby you enjoy (ECO, Fashion or gaming); or you love science or math, we have the club for you. Check out the list on the left so you can find out which teachers helps with the club you would like to join.

Joining any of the extra-curriculars at MD requires a regular time commitment and initiative. Studies have shown that participating in activities that you are passionate about can increase your brain function, help you concentrate and manage your time better, all of which contribute to greater academic success. High endurance sports, as an example, will train you to focus and build stamina - a great advantage when studying for exams.

When students participate in different activities, students get the opportunity to explore a range of interests and unlock passions about things happening in the world today. Clubs and extra-curriculars are the best way to expand your social network.

Extra-curriculars also expand skills in the following areas: Goal setting Teamwork Time management Prioritizing Problem Solving Analytical thinking Leadership Public Speaking

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