Calling all Grade 12s - Graduation Photos are coming!!!!

We have scheduled EdgeImaging to begin taking Graduation photos here at MD from March 29 to April 9. Appointments will be booked directly with EdgeImaging - please watch our website and/or your email for the link to book your photo appointment.

We have purchased Grad gowns for all of our Grade 12 students, including VSS students who still call MD their home school. Gown packages will be distributed over the next two weeks to in-person classes (Periods 5 & 6, Co-horts A and B). We encourage our students to wear their gown to the sitting appointment with EdgeImaging on their appointment day.

Due to COVID-19 protocols, pictures will be taken in the Staff Room so that students enter via the doorway from the Cafe hall and exit outside the building by the front doors.

Please do not bring your pet or any props to the booking. Only one student may be photographed at one time. Due to COVID protocols and restrictions, we cannot support any requests for friend group photos.