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School Council

Meetings are open to all families

Join us  in the Library at 7:00 pm 

Refreshments at
6:45 pm

Election Results
September 23

Meeting Dates
 October 28
November 25
January 27
February 24
March 30
April 27
May 25


Minutes of Meetings

If you have any questions about Council, please fee free to email at:

School Councils provide a forum through which parents and guardians and other members of the school community can contribute to improve student achievement and school performance. The School Council is an advisory body of volunteers who work together to provide ideas and opinions to help the Principal and sometimes the Board, make the school a better place for learning for all students.

Vision:  The MDHS School Council will work as advocates to identify and support the school goals that enhance both academic and holistic learning opportunities for the benefit of all students.  Council will work as advocates to support the emotional, social and overall wellbeing of all students.

Mission Statement:  School Council acts in an outreach capacity to encourage the continuing involvement of families in the students' school lives, as they transition from primary to high school.  The families of Milton District High School students work harmoniously with staff, and community members, to support the success of every student.

Guiding Principles:  The Milton District School Council will model tolerant, inclusive supportive behaviours, as illustrated by the following:
  • Every parent who wishes to participate and contribute to Council activities shall be welcomed and afforded the opportunity to participate
  • Volunteers' contributions of time and/or talents will be valued and recognized
  • Every person who interacts with, and/or is a member of, Council, will show, and be shown, respect
  • Ideas will be freely shared and considered
  • The greater good of the school community will be considered above the interest of any one student, family or staff
  • The activities and discussions of Council will be action-oriented
To view the complete Milton District School Council Constitution, please click here.

We are pleased to share our Milton District School Council Executive for 2019-2020

     Chair:                           Elizabeth Lavery
     Secretary:                    April Kilfoyle
     PIC  Rep:                      Bhawna Sharma & April Kilfoyle
     Student Rep:               Avi Roy or Maheesha Thiyagarajah - Student Government reps
     Teacher Rep:               Bonnie Wrigglesworth 
     Non-Teaching Rep:    Sue Lamarre 
     Principal:                      Rasa Baksys

Voting members:

Missy Bartholomew
Sandy Del Papa
Nicole Horn
April Kilfoyle
Ashraf Morsy
Rebekah Panschow
Lettsie Philips
Kim Prangley
Bhawna Sharma
Neeve Zikman