Co-operative Education

Co-op is unlike any other course you will take in High School!

Co-op allows you to:

  • Gain practical skills that provides students with valuable hands-on experience that other students may not have

  • Build connections with Co-op mentors that can open doors for your future

  • Test a career in any of the four pathways (University, College, Apprenticeship & Workplace)

  • Earn two elective or group credits in a placement of your choice

How does Co-op work?

  • Students select Co-operative Education in their grade 11 or 12 year at course selection time

  • In the first few weeks of the program, students are prepared for their placement practicum as they are educated on topics such as safety, workers rights and employment law

  • Students are taught how to network & market themselves to potential Co-op employers of their choice

  • Students set their own goals for learning and draw connections to curriculum

  • Courses taken in high school

  • Students attend placement two periods a day working toward achieving their goals and are assessed by the teacher on their ability to progress toward those goals along with their success at placement

What type of Co-op experience/placement can I have?

The short answer is... Anything you choose! Provided the placement is: Safe; Supportive & Provides educational value, students can have that experience. Our students have gained practical skills across all career pathways, including Manufacturing, Art, Engineering, Automotive, Research, Music, Business, Production, Service, & Emergency Services.

Some benefits of Co-op

  • Many Co-op employers offer employment after a successful Co-op term or life-long mentorship if students desire that can help them pursue future employment or education

  • The practical experience of Co-op is valued by employers and some educational institutions

  • Experience outside of the school connects your learning to what is "actually happening" in the "real-world" and what trends are in future demand

What are you waiting for?

Drop by Student Services to book an appointment with Mr. Kokerus to chat about what Co-op opportunities are waiting for you or your student!