Student Senate

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Responses go to our very own Student Senate which provide your feedback to The Board.

What is the Student Senate? 

We're a group of passionate leaders from public schools across the Halton District School Board. We meet once a month to provide the student perspective on board issues and to voice the questions and concerns of Halton students. The Student Trustees relay these perspectives to the Board of Trustees to ensure that students are being represented. Each year, we also organize and run the Halton Youth Leadership Symposium, a conference for Halton students. 


Hey Mustangs! It's Jovana (she/her), one of your three MDHS senators for the 2023/2024 school year. It's my second year representing MD and I am extremely honoured and excited to not only serve as a senator once again, but to also continue to learn and grow alongside other passionate members of our school board. As student senators, our jobs entail listening to varying perspectives and stances throughout our school communities, developing motions and implementations to further the growth and success of the HDSB, advocating for student voice and choice on a board level, educating others on the various strands/pillars of senate, and so much more! I look forward to serving on the Student Senate and I can't wait to work with all the amazing students who make up our wonderful school board and MDHS community! 

Hey Mustangs! I'm Keerthna (she/her), and I'm thrilled to be joining the MD community as one of your 2023-2024 HDSB Student Senates. In this exciting role, I'm committed to actively listening to your diverse perspectives and turning them into actionable change that truly matters. It's about advocating for our collective student voice, collaborating to enhance our educational experience, and making our school board a place where every student thrives. Together, in my first year, I look forward to collaborating with all the amazing students who collectively make our school board and MDHS community such an inspiring place to be. 

Hey MD! 

My name is Sabrina Nadeem and I am a grade 12 student here at Milton District. I have the honour of being one of your MD Student Senate Representatives for the fourth year in a row! I'm excited to voice your opinions to the senate and help towards making Halton a more inclusive and well rounded board. I currently work closely with students across the board as the Executive Director of Operations, and am constantly looking for your input to ensure that all student initiatives include student voice. Furthermore, through work in the HDSB Student Equity Committee, we are looking to bring light to the multiple concerns and issues faced by students of all grades at MD and across the board. If you have anything that you would like to see discussed at the board level, I urge you to reach out and share your thoughts as they are so valuable! 

A fun fact about me is that I love to read! My favourite book is either Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or The Secret History by Donna Tartt!