Memories from the 1920's

Milton High School

In the early 1900's, it was clear that a new high school was necessary for the Town of Milton. The First World War took the focus away from the construction planning for a number of years, and it was 1919 before construction began for the school on Martin Street (now Martin Street PS).  The contractor for the project was Mr. Sam Henson.  

A number of buildings had to be demolished from the site before construction could begin including a hen house, coal shed, and another small structure.  The building was estimated to cost $48,000 however, before the school opened, plans were changed to increase the size of the building and improve the septic system which added another $34,000 to the overall cost.

The building was opened as Milton's first High School in 1920 with Mr. J.A. Hamilton as Principal. The first students started class on January 24, 1921 and the opening ceremony was held on April 4, 1921 with approximately 90 Grade 9 students, five classrooms, a small Library, office and an auditorium.  For students living in Milton, the new school meant no more commuting by train to Georgetown or Streetsville, or boarding away from home in order to earn a high school diploma.  Nassagaweya Township students attending the new high school did, however, continue to board a train each day to travel to school.

In 1921, the Athletic Clubs were formed and the very first field day was held.

Principals in the 1920s included Mr. McNabb, Mr. O.M. McKillop, Mr. Hepburn and Mr. J.E. Marcellus.

In 1923, the school published it's first Yearbook.

By 1923, the building was already deemed inadequate for the growing student population - 160 students and six teachers.  Two additional classrooms were added in 1925.  At the same time, the school received a telephone and a duplicator (similar to a Gestetner copier produced in the 1920s - see picture below). 

Softball & Literary Trophies 

1921 School photo & Library Book Keeping

Certificate, press, books & student card catalogue

1926-1927 Literary Executive

1921 Class photo

Books, glasses, pencil case, ink well

1920s typewriter, books, ink well, bell

Receipts for school purchases 1928

Invoice for Science instruments 1929

1925 Girls Hockey Team

Gestetner Copier circa 1922

Milton High School Facade

Grade 9s

Grade 9s

First students of the new high school

Principal & Board reps

Early boys sports team



First club

Milton Cadet Corp 1922