Canada & World Studies

Canada & World Studies program area offers a range of compulsory and optional courses to MD students.  History, Geography, Law, Economics, Family Studies, Social Sciences, and World Religions are all areas of study that bring the world to our students.  

The curriculum recognizes that today, and in the future, students need to be critically literate in order to gather information, make informed decisions, communicate effectively and thrive in an ever-changing global community.  Students are connected to the curriculum - they see themselves in what is taught, how it is taught and how it applies to the world we live in.  

Canada & World Studies helps all learners develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives they need to be informed, productive, caring, responsible, healthy and active citizens in their own communities and in the world.

We offer a range of courses that can bring academic success in 21st Century classrooms which enables our students to be effective global citizens.