The Science Program offers compulsory courses in grades 9 through 12 with an emphasis on developing student competencies in numeracy, scientific literacy as well as communicating their knowledge and applying thinking skills. Courses for all pathways are offered modelling to students to consider the environment, society and technology in all science pursuits. 

In senior courses, students will value the pursuit of excellence in the various scientific disciplines and explore how science impacts many aspects of our daily lives. Students will learn to problem solve with a global perspective.

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There are many different opportunities for students to get Science help at school.

Subject teacher - students may speak with their subject teacher to arrange a convenient time for both to discuss class & homework concerns

Student Success Room 103 is open for extra help during all periods of the day

Math Clinic - support to students during any period of the day, supported by any math teacher

Milton Science Program Wins Innovative Award

Teachers at Milton District High School  (MDHS) have been recognized with a national award for their innovative delivery of environmental sustainability curriculum in the school’s ​‘I-Think about Science’ program​. Presented by the EdCan Network, the 2019 ​Ken Spencer Award​ for Innovation in Teaching and Learning showcases the work of teachers who create relevant learning experiences for students while solving complex societal issues.

At MDHS teachers applied an Integrative Thinking method to guide classroom conversations and projects. In this innovative problem solving-approach, students help tackle complex environmental sustainability issues such as access to clean water, invasive species, maintaining biodiversity, and beautifying school space. Students share their learning through “open space” exhibitions to expose more youth to this problem-solving approach. This ​demo classroom for 21st century learning encourages collaboration and creative thinking.

To develop the MDHS program, five teachers worked in partnership with the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management’s​ ​I-Think​ initiative. Together with the Halton District School Board’s​ ​Shift​ ​Innovation Coaches and Program Leaders for Science and Mathematics, this innovative learning approach was introduced to the school’s science class. The Shift aligns with the Board’s ​Multi-Year Plan​ to provide innovative and creative opportunities for students.