Memories from the 1940's

Milton High School

In 1945, Principal Mr. Cecil Wood had a hen house built, housing 100 chicks on the school property.  Later that year, Drama awards were won by Glenna Heslop and John Mitchie.

In 1947, the Commencement ceremony recognized Festival Duet winners Elizabeth Marcellus and Gladys Hystead.

In 1948 an addition was built for Home Economics and Shop classes. Also that year, Terry Walker and Ida Herensberger were Field Day Champions at the Regional Meet.

Some of the Valedictorians in the 40s included Ron Armstrong, Eredo Serafini, Audrey Hall, Lenore King & Joan Goodchild.

Circa 1940 Teacher Assessment Record

1949 - 1950 Editorial Staff

1947 - 1948 Editorial Staff

1942 Mathematics Exam

1942 Literature Exam

1942 Completion of Admission to Vocational School

1942 Teacher's Assessment

1942 Teacher's Assessment

1942 Teacher's Assessment

1943 Assessment book, Yearbook, ink well


Staff 1947

Field Day Winners 1947