Learning Strategies Course

Welcome to the Special Education Resource Room and the Learning Strategies Course!

To ensure success in this course (and all other courses at school), we encourage your student to have the following items for Semester start up:

  • Halton account login info (available from the Library)

  • Binder(s) and dividers (either one large binder for all each course or smaller binders for each course)

  • Note paper, pens, pencils and eraser

  • Scientific calculator

  • Agenda (paper or electronic)

Also strongly suggested for success:

  • pencil crayons

  • ruler

  • protractor set

  • pencil case

  • back pack

We also strongly encourage students, when possible, to bring their own laptops or tablets in order to develop learning strategies using assistive technology and software in all of their classes.

The Board now also has a website dedicated specifically to Assistive Technology resources. Students & parents are encouraged to use this website to see and use the excellent resources available for use and reference. HDSB Assistive Technology

If you find yourself needing help with AT programs, or simply have questions about Assistive Technology and how it can assist your child, or if you have questions about Board assigned computers/tablets/iPads, please contact the Program Lead Ms. Sarah Cronin by email and she will be glad to assist you. (Her email is cronins@hdsb.ca)

We look forward to working with our students and their families throughout the semester and the school year to ensure success for all. As we work together over the coming months we extend our support to all of you and wish you a successful year.